FourFourTwo - Easily the biggest English-language football magazine in print. Arguably the online section is even better.

Howler Magazine - One of the new breed of aesthetic football magazines.

Late Tackle Magazine - A growing magazine written by fans.

Pickles Magazine - "Football. Design. Wit." - One of the best new football mags around. Interesting, beautiful and thoughtful.

Póg Mo Goal Magazine - A new Irish magazine stemming from the tradition of Pickles, Howler, etc.

The Blizzard - The best long-form football writing available in print is found within these pages.

The Gooner - Arsenal FC's leading fanzine.

The Nightwatchman - The Blizzard in cricket form.

When Saturday Comes - Still going despite a lack of frills in comparison with the rest. 


Back Page Football - An excellent site offering great opportunities for aspiring writers. 

CZE Football - Your resource for Czech football.

In Bed With Maradona - A game-changer in terms of style, topic and approach. Possibly the most influential blog there is when it comes to football, but can no longer be described merely as a blog. 

Right Bank Warsaw - If you need to know anything about Polish football, forget the rest, this is the site you want.

Roads and Kingdoms - Simply beautiful website and writing.

These Football Times - Excellent Guardian-affiliated website containing writing about the world game


Arseblog / Arsecast - An astonishing study in devotion to a club, and arguably the best of all Arsenal fansites, or any fansite for that matter.

The Guardian Football Weekly podcast - The best all-round English-language football podcast there is. The Guardian's football coverage is also quite comfortably the most accomplished of all the major UK newspapers.

The Spanish Football Podcast - Spanish football podcasts are rare, and this is the best of them. The presence of the erudite Sid Lowe is enough to make it worth a listen.


Paddy Agnew
Phil Ball
Alex Bellos
Jimmy Burns
Luke Constable
John Foot
Mark Godfrey
Paul Grech
Aleksandar Holiga
Adam Hurrey
Saša Ibrulj
Simon Kuper
Sid Lowe
Tim Parks
Brian Phillips
Aaron Rogan
Barney Ronay
Jonathan Wilson

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